The British Army Guide 2012-2013 (Book) Review

by Military Archive Research
The British Army Guide 2012-2013

Released: 7th March 2012
RRP: £9.99
Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Ltd
Author: Charles Heyman
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781848841079
Pages: 200

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This is an extremely informative guide book on the current British Army. It contains a wide multitude of facts, data and information. If you are seeking some fact on the modern army then this book should be your first point of call. It is split into a number of sections and then there are sub-chapters devoted to each topic in greater detail. The facts it presents are extremely useful and it is likely to become the premier fact book on the Army. The author has collected an immense amount of data and has presented this data in an easy to use format. He has done a splendid job at presenting these facts and should be commended for his outstanding work.

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