The Jihadist Threat (Book) Review

by Soldier Magazine
The Jihadist Threat

Released: 12th October 2015
RRP: £19.99
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
Author: Paul Moorcraft
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 9781473856790
Pages: 174

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5-star review of The Jihadist Threat

PROFESSOR Paul Moorcraft is visiting professor at Cardiff University and director of the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis in London. With over 40 years' experience reporting on wars from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, he is well positioned to observe and document the threat of modern Jihadism. He does just that in this book, which takes the reader on a brief journey from the beginnings of Islam and the rise of the prophet Muhammad to the current-day spread of the so-called Islamic State. A mine of valuable information, this compelling title has much to enthral those who take even the slightest interest in home and international affairs. Despite the author’s academic pedigree, the language and even his brand of humour make it very accessible. Moorcraft pulls no punches in giving us his view of how to tackle this modern threat to national security. His narrative deals with some of the issues around protecting the UK effectively, namely our increasingly uncertain membership of the EU and the possible risk posed by British Muslims who left the country to receive Jihadist military training during the Libyan civil war – estimated to number in their hundreds. The author calls it as he sees it, even though it may not always be considered politically correct to do so. But throughout the title, blame is laid squarely at the feet of those who deserve it – neither the East nor the West escape criticism. Towards the end, Moorcraft suggests different scenarios for potential outcomes, ranging from a future “Islamic State of England, Wales and Ireland” to the de-radicalisation of Islam and religious modernisation. Finally, the extremists have declared war on all those who are not observant Sunni Muslims – Christians, Jews, Shia Muslims – to name a few. Moorcraft’s message is that reform must come from within the Muslim community, supported by the West.

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