Unsinkable - The Full Story (Book) Review

by Nautilus International Telegraph
Unsinkable - The Full Story

Released: 5th January 2012
RRP: £14.99
Publisher: Frontline Books
Author: Daniel Allen Butler
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781848326415
Pages: 292

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Daniel Allen Butler's book was originally published in 1998 and the appearance of this new edition is no mere coincidence. However, it rises well beyond the 'cut and paste' so evident in many other titles and give one of the most thorough accounts of the disaster, it causes and its aftermath.

In the introduction to this new edition, he takes aim to some writers who have tried to portray the Titanic’s loss as a conspiracy, an insurance scam, or to load their own 'social, political or moral baggage' onto the story.
Even though the story of the ship's loss has been told many times. 'Unsinkable' manages to maintain interest throughout thanks to its clear and compelling narrative.

Interestingly, in the context of the Costa Concordia accident this year, 'unsinkable' contains two sections looking at the key roles of the two masters: Captain Smith of the Titanic and Captain Stanley Lord of the Californian- the ship that is remembered as ignoring distress signals and failing to go to the aid of the Titanic.

In the case of Capt Smith, Butler quotes from a psychologist to explain how he was 'overwhelmed by circumstances', and in the case of Capt Lord he writes of the 'enduring questions' that have condemned him to history as 'the captain who did nothing'.

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