XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Game) Review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Released: 6th November 2012
RRP: £39.99
Publisher: 2K Games
Available on: XBOX 360, PC
Rating: 12A

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Strategy games are in short supply on the xbox 360, mainly due to the control method as a joypad just doesn't cope with the myriad of controls usually needed. However, there is definitely an audience for these strategy games if they are done right and XCOM: Enemy Unknown gets pretty much everything right.

The XCOM brand still has a loyal following from it's Amiga days and anyone who played and loved those games will feel right at home here. The basic concept of the game is the same and it still works just as well as it always did.

Choose a base, aircraft, soldiers, engineers and scientists and then set about reclaiming earth from the vastly superior alien race. Soldiers can be upgraded and its very tempting to keep using the same men once their stats and abilities are increased. It's also very easy to become quite attached to the same loyal men once you know they can be relied upon to do the job for you.

There is a lot of fun to be had from the strategy options open to you as your decisions will have a big impact on the game world. The technologies you choose to develop are crucial, pick the wrong one and you'll really be struggling. At some points XCOM could be a little frustrating, but the pull of the game is huge and easily enough to keep you coming back for me. It also has the rare ability to keep you thinking about your next move long after you've turned the game off and counting down the hours until you can continue your fight against the alien race.

Visually XCOM is good with lots of character and anyone who enjoyed the original will appreciate that much has been done to keep the game's style and feel. The audio is solid throughout with entertaining voice acting and atmospheric music that matches the games action perfectly.

Anyone who played the original will love this. For those new to XCOM, but who are fans of strategy games then this is definitely worth a go. There are few games of this type available for consoles and its rare to find one so well handled as this.

Very highly recommended.

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